Gong Dog Wheelchair Cat Cart Scooter Dog Trolley Pet stroller Mobility Harness Rear Support Adjustable Hind Legs Rehabilitation for Handicapped, 2-50KG (Size : XS)

Only £107.83

This product is suitable for all kinds of dogs, cats, pets, hind legs with limited or no activity, and hopes to walk and run normally and easily, again with confidence and independence.
Our wheelchairs are made of high quality aircraft aluminum, durable, lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable seat belts, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, adjustable size, no impact on pets, excretion, and provide the best Comfort and mobility.
Easy Disassembly and Assembly– With instruction manual and installation tools, so you can install it by yourself easily.Removable structure for convenient to carry and store.
Easy adjustable–Dog Wheelchair is easy to install, fully adjustable in height, length, & width, due to light-weight & high-quality aircraft grade aluminum frame to provide maximum
Application:Applicable for all kinds of dogs and cats and pet with limited or no mobility in their hind legs to walk and run normally and more easily, again with confidence and independence.


2 Kg