GELFUL Reusable Pet Hair Remover Roller Lint Remover Dog Cat Fur Remover Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur from Furniture Carpets Bedding Clothing Sofa (red)

Only £8.79

[Convenient] – This reusable hair remover roller can remove your pet dog and cat hair easily from furniture, couches, beds, comforters, blankets and more.
[Easy to Use] – Simply use the roller back and forth to capture all pet hair and lint into the dust receptacle. No need to spend time fiddling a sticky chemical roller. This design uses the wonder of static electricity to pull hairs off your carpet.It picks up every single pet hair from sofas, rugs, carpets, beds, cushions and clothes easily!
[Reusable Hair Remover] – Without any batteries or power source required. No replacement required. It also doesn’t use the sticky chemical adhesive that some other similar products rely on. 100% eco-friendly.
[Non-slip and durable Handle] – Made by high-quality material our handle is more durable than others. You can use for a long time. With our roller, you no longer need to waste money on refills or batteries when cleaning up after your furry friend.
[No need to Wash] – Just pinch one of the two silicone leather mats on the brush and swing it several times. The brush can reach self-cleaning, collects the hair and fur into the top compartment. The collection tray worked such well, easy to open and use.


Easy to Self Clean the Pet Fur