Dog Wheelchair Pet Cart,Hind Leg Rehabilitation Help Big Small Dogs Cat Puppy Walking Support Moped Adjustable Multiple Sizes 2 Wheels 2kg (4.4lbs)-30kg (66lbs) Pound (Size : XS)

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☛Dog Wheelchair is easy to install, fully adjustable in height, length, & width, and portable due to light-weight & high-quality aircraft grade aluminum frame.Made of soft materials, the device is safe,environmentally friendly and durable.Preventing pet skin from wearing and better caring for your pet.To provide maximum and optimal comfort & mobility to let pet enjoy walking and running with it.
☛The pet wheelchair is designed for the hind limbs of dogs and cats. Pet wheelchairs use intimate EVA shock-absorbing foam tires to prevent pets from feeling hurt or uncomfortable. The new materials it uses are not damaged or easily deformed and have a long service life.The pet hind limb wheelchair fits the dogs whose hind legs are disabled but waist is strong.
☛The pet hindlimb rehabilitation wheelchair is suitable for all types of dogs and cats, such as Teddy,Bichon, Corgi,Chihuahua,Jingba, Dachshund,Chow Chow, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doberman, Satsuma,German Shepherd dogs and other pets of various sizes.
☛ Pets do not affect bowel movements and pee when using a dog wheelchair.Tips: Pets may have rejection and resistance after installing a dog wheelchair at the beginning. This is normal. For pets to enjoy free running and happiness as soon as possible. Please host your pet with patience so that the pet can adapt to this dog wheelchair as soon as possible.
☛Kindly please make sure to choose the right size wheelchair for your pet according to the measurement chart shown in the picture.


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