CATISM Pet Hair Remover Roller Brush,Automatic Storage Lid Reusable Double-Side Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dog&Cat,Easy to Remove Fur Hair From Cat Kennel Dog Nest,Furniture,Clothes,Bedding,Carpet

Only £9.99

【Double-Sided Design-Can be used on any material】The hair remover roll brush has two sides:Strong Sticky Roll+Anti-static brush cloth.Roller is suitable for Smooth fabrics, such as down jackets.Brush Cloth is perfect for Woolen cloth, Carpets,Velvet and other materials.
【Automatic Hair Collection Function-No need to wash】After using the hair removal brush, you only need to poke the lid in and then pull it out to collect animal hair in the lid.Convenient and fast.
【Strong Viscosity and Adsorption-More efficient】Quickly absorb dog hair, cat hair or human hair within 2 seconds. The hair removal brush adopts electrostatic adsorption, which does not damage clothes.
【Wide Range of Applications】Pet Hair Remover Roller Brush can not only clean up the fur hair of dogs, cats and other animals, but also suitable for fallen human hair, ordinary dust on clothing and blankets.If you are tired of your home full of pet hairs, choose CATISM Hair Remover Roller Brush to restore your sofa, cat litter, kennel, clothes, etc. to clean and comfortable.
【Recyclable-Environmentally Friendly & Economical】The tape in the roller can be replaced with a new one after use off; the brush cloth on the other side can be used repeatedly.Easy to install and use.


Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs and Cats