ZCY Kitchen Sink 304 Stainless Steel Thickened Single Slot Lead-Free Handmade Brushed Hand Lavabo/Washing Dishes Pots

Only £346.99

Modern sink kit large deep sink, tight radius corners, x-fast drain, garbage disposal compatible, functional accessories; Same brushed stainless as premium kitchen appliances.
Application-Designed for commercial and residential spaces, it is a large undercounter sink that can be used in any kitchen, bar, restaurant, laundry, clean room, cafeteria, garage or other commercial environment。
Anti-condensation coating + muffler pad, anti-drip water and noise reduction: prevent frost and drip on the back of the sink due to the large temperature difference, protect the cabinet from water intrusion, thicken the muffler pad to eliminate the impact of water noise and add quality to life.
Stainless steel multi-layer filter cage, enjoy smooth and clean: easy to intercept leftovers, no clogging, smooth drainage, covered with a leak-proof seal, easy to wash dishes.
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Guaranteed Leak-proof