HOPLUS Cat Toys Ball Interactive Automatic Self-Rotating Rolling Ball and USB Rechargeable LED light Entertainment Pet Exercise Cat Balls For Kitten Puppy (Newest Version) (white)

Only £6.80

【360 Degree Self Rotation & Automatic Direction Change】Simply press the button, HOPLUS cat toy ball will automatically start to do a 360 degrees self rolling , and glowing out red light to get your kitty’s attention, will make your cat chaser the ball around and have fun. It can also automatically changer direction when colliding any obstacles such as wall, chair, door, etc.
【2019 USB Rechargeable Version】Built-in 250 mAh Li-ion battery, Just need charge for 1-2 hours, provides your kitty up to 3-4 hours of fun time.
【Built-in Led Light & Echo-Friendly Material】Red Led light catches cat’s attention, Kitty’s eyes are sticked. Protect cat’ eyes with soft red led light. And the ball is made of high-impact, wear-resistant, and non-toxic ABS plastic, won’t break even hit the wall for hundreds of times, durable and safe for your pets.
【Automatical Shut Off】The toy ball will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of rolling, prevent your kitty from losing interest in the toy ball and perfect for those who don’t have time with their cats and dogs.
【More Exercise for Health】- Chasing around the cat toy ball helps the indoor cats and dogs to get more exercise, improve their immunity, reduce obesity and kill boredom when the owner isn’t around. NOTE: the ball rolls best on hard floor, might not roll well on thick carpet.


Interactive 28cm Indoor Kitten for Biting