FOLS Mens Natural Facial Moisturiser | Facial Cream for Men Made for dry and sensitive skin, with natural ingredients: press the rewind button on your complexion! 100ml

Only £14.99

ANTI-AGEING, THE NATURAL WAY: Our product is vegan friendly and is mainly comprised of natural oils and ingredients such as Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalol. The anti-ageing skin cream properties of the blackcurrant oil among other ingredients will keep the wrinkles away.
PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE ELEMENTS: Our mens moisturiser offers protection from the sun, and dust with naturally occurring SPF in our ingredients such as coconut oil, olea europaea oil and shea butter
ENERGISING AND RE-INVIGORATING: The cedarwood and neroli will make you jump out of your bed every morning.
POST-SHAVE RELIEF: Our face moisturiser can be used as an after shave balm solution for sensitive skin, as it provides shaving relief without the use of alcohol.
PERFECT CONSISTENCY: We’ve went our way to make arrive at the perfect consistency for a men’s luxury skincare product. Not too oily, not too creamy. Your face will absorb it without much effort and you will be refreshed and ready to go.


Absorb Moisture and Dry Pet Quickly