YLKCU Bar Manor Exhibits 25L Oak Aging Barrel, Wooden Storage Bucket for Storing Wine and Spirits (Color : Natural, Size : 25L)

Only £276.99

Premium Quality: All wooden wine oak barrels are pressure tested for leaks. Oak barrel of 1.5L/3L/5L/10L/20L/25L/30L/50L/100L/150L/225L liters on the stand, made entirely by hand, quality guaranteed.(Large ml wine barrels need to be customized (mail communication))
Combining form & function, the whiskey barrel acts as a refined drink dispenser thatu2019s sure to impress your guests. It makes a perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur!
The barrels are made of high quality oak and are sturdy and durable, making the wine more mellow and more delicious.
We recommend the use of foil cans, which are well sealed, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and last longer than unlined wines.
When filling the wine, raise the bucket and unscrew the faucet, then pour the wine into it and screw on the faucet, being careful not to cover the wine from the top.


Guaranteed Leak-proof