Xploit Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy, Interactive Dancing Wiggle Fish Catnip Toys Electric Realistic Funny Flipping Catfish For Cat Biting

Only £8.02

【Electric Fish Cat Toy】: When your cat touches the toy, the fish cat toy will swing and glow like a real fish, attracting your cat to play and kick and bite.
【Realistic Fish Simulation】: The appearance of the shark adopts 3D printing technology, which looks very realistic, allowing the kitten to keep its paws and interact in real time, reducing the boredom and loneliness of going out.
【Premium Material】: Made of cotton and short plush, the fish comes with soft texture, and it will not hurt the cat's paws. Very suitable for biting, chewing and kicking, sleeping.
【USB Charging】: The storage capacity are large, so you don't have to charge frequently.
【Can Be Used with Catnip】: You can add catnip to the fish. Most cats will feel excited and happy because of the smell of catnip.


Electric Dancing Fish Cat Catnip Toy