Namsan Catnip Fish Toy for Cats Electric Fish Toy 28 cm Realistic Plush Moving Wagging Fish Toys Interactive Cat Chew Toys Dancing Kicker Fish

Only £12.97

2020 Newest Cat Toy Fish: Mimicking the actual swing of a real fish tail, making fish toys more realistic and attractive to cats.
Design concept of the product: Electric cat toy with integrated rocking device, USB charging, keeps the toy fish “active”, can stimulate cats’ natural interest in fish and bring more fun to the cat.
Quality materials: Made of cotton and short plush, with a soft texture and without harmful substances. It is very suitable as a daily toy for cats. Spend boring, lonely time with cats.
Catnip Toy: The product comes with a mint pouch that can be placed inside the fish to reduce the cat’s mood and stress, and to increase the cat’s attraction to the toy fish.
Suggestions for using the product: open the cat fish toy, start the swing device, close the zipper, and the toy will swing immediately. It will stop automatically for about a minute. As soon as the toy is touched, it will vibrate again, if you don’t want the fish to vibrate, you can take out the vibrator and the fish toy can also be used as a plush toy fish


Realistic Moving Cat Kicker Fish