N/AA Realistic Interesting Electric Dancing Catnip Fish Toy, Plush Swinging Fish Toy, Cat Flapping Bite Interactive Fish Doll Toy (Red carp, 6)

Only £7.99

Material: Made of high-quality plush material, which is soft, comfortable and durable.
Design: Realistic bionic appearance design & induction vibration design makes the toy fish look very vivid and realistic, greatly enhancing the attraction and curiosity for cats.
Easy cleaning: The interior is equipped with detachable magic tape for easy cleaning.
Catnip: Stuffed with catmint that can make your cat excited and relieve your cat’s mood and stress, you and your cats will get a lot of joy.
Rechargeable: You can charge it with a USB cable, more durable and convenient than battery-replaceable old products. (After the battery is fully charged and the switch is turned on, the fish belly must be touched for the fish to work).


Electric Dancing Fish Cat Catnip Toy