luve ur pet Dog Poo Bags – Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable – Thick & Leak Proof Dog Waste Bags – 8 Rolls, 120 Bags

Only £7.99

✓ PROTECT MOTHER EARTH: Because we care, we design all our doggy poop bags from 100% compostable, eco-friendly vegan corn starch that will not harm the environment. Why bother with toxic, non-degradable plastic bags that end up in landfills? Grab these dog poop bags, and join us to make the world a better place
✓ SUPER EASY TO USE AND CARRY: These dog poop bags come in a convenient roll with perforated edges that can be easily torn off just like trash bags. What’s more, if you have more than one pet or have a bigger yard, you’ll love our larger than most design that lets you carry more ‘load’ when cleaning up after your furry friends
✓ NO LEAKS, NO SPILLS: Yeah, we know picking up poop wastes often gets really annoying, it even gets more frustrating when you accidentally touch or spill them all over again. This is why we ensure all our pet waste bags feature an extra thick, hard to tear membrane design. This durable and reliable feature lets you clean up effortlessly without worry
✓ GET MORE FOR LESS: Each purchase includes 8 rolls of our one of a kind earth friendly poop bags. With each roll having up to 120 waste bags, you now have 120 different reasons to reduce your lovely furry friends’ carbon paw print and to switch from using toxic plastics. Comes in a green opaque color that hides all the mess. Why Wait? Grab yours
✓ KEEPS YOU SAFE TOO: Although our pets give cute company and are super adorable, collecting their pathogen-filled poo is often disgusting, and also poses some threat to your health when not handled correctly. This is why we bring you premium, high grade poop bags for dogs that’ll keep your hands away from germ-filled waste. Order yours and play it safe


120 Extra Thick and Strong Poo Bags for Dogs