LHY-TRAVEL Dog Bathrobe Towel with Adjustable Strap,Dog Drying Coat,Dog Bath Towel,Moisture Absorbing Dog Bath Robe,Quick Drying Pet Bath Towel,XXXL

Only £33.18

High-quality materials: dog bathrobe made of high quality cotton and polyester material Lun, tight, smooth, elastic, super-absorbent, breathable, does not smell.
Waist tether design: direct binding, wear very convenient, is not easy to get rid of the dog, bathrobes prevent him from falling.
Elastic neck portion can be adjusted: can be adjusted to a suitable range depending on the size of the dog’s body around the neck.
Snug fit body: 360-degree tight fit body, play a 360-degree water absorption no dead ends.
May be elongated headgear: neck may extend into the head, the head of water to dry, you do not need to be folded when


Dog Drying Coat Robe Towel