JIALI Cleaning tools Electric household mop fully automatic wipe machine Mop Wireless swipe device sweeping robot water cleaner steam cleaner for high temperatures

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It cleans your kitchen quickly, easily and securely; Kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl or concrete arodo.The mop can be used as a dry dust separator with a rotating head. Simple ergonomic triggers are a simple wet wiper.
The Great range of electric mop is 100% washer-proof, reusable. The high-quality metal rod is sturdy, reliable and durable. It can be cleaned for an extended period of time while ensuring the mop stays light.
The energy-saving and environmentally friendly mop and microfibre mats have millions of microscopic fibres that absorb dirt, dust, hair and moisture, penetrate deep into cracks and absorb more dirt than flat disposable items.
In the cold winter, solve the problems of cleaning the car-In the cold winter, when the car is cleaning outdoors, it is easy to solve the problem that the body is dirty and there are no frostbite on the hand ..
This spray wiper can be cleaned with cold water vapor or with any cleaning solution. Use lemon or essential oils for environmentally friendly cleaning in water or with the strongest chemicals.


Absorb Moisture and Dry Pet Quickly