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Material / care: Made of soft superfine material with super absorbency and quick-drying. Machine wash separately. Do not dry or iron, bleach or softener.
Perfect Towel: Suitable for medium and large cats and dogs. This towel has more water than bulky cotton. It dries super fast and is naturally antibacterial. Suitable for cats and dogs of different breeds and sizes
MACHINE WASH AND DRY – Our pet towel is machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning and ensuring it is ready to be used again whether it be at the front door, in the car or in the bathroom.
Super absorbent and quick-drying-Made of high-quality materials, it allows it to absorb moisture quickly. Helps you save more time taking care of your pets after bathing, showering or walking on rainy days. Pets won’t be so susceptible to illness after using quick-drying towels
Pet bath: If you have a pet, you must have such troubles. When bathing a pet, pets are generally more naughty. When you wrap your pet with this towel, it will become quiet. Wet or wet your body while playing, you can use this towel


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