FTFDTMY Dog Bath Warm Bathrobe, Poodle Golden Hair Labrador Large Dog Home Pajamas – Cat Coffee Shop Double-sided Leisure Bath Towel (Color : White, Size : XL)

Only £46.62

★[Safety material] soft flannel fabric, soft fabric, no fading, no lint, comfortable touch, increase the comfort of the dog, the color is gentle and elegant, and bring a comfortable experience to the pet.
★[Water absorption and quick drying] This towel absorbs water and can quickly absorb moisture from pets to prevent pets from getting sick. It can be used quickly and next time.
★[Belt design] belt design, dark buckle and belt on the front, good windproof, independent belt, can be directly removed. The belt is decorated and can be tied up or removed.
★[Easy to carry] Bath towels can be folded, small size, easy to carry, suitable for travel and pet play.
★[Embroidery design] The back of the clothes is embroidered, and the combination of English and patterns increases the overall beauty of the clothes.


Dog Bathrobe