FTFDTMY Adjustable Dog Bathrobe, Pet Rental Shop Dog Grooming House Quick-drying Cat Bath Towel – Travel Picnic Portable Pet Towel (Color : Blue, Size : S)

Only £46.67

★[Safety Material] This pet bath cannon is made of thick microfiber, which is super absorbent and absorbs several times as much as the buckskin towel. It is long-lasting, fluffy and soft.
★[All-inclusive design] After bathing, don’t worry about getting the floor wet, don’t spend your time to dry the dog, don’t worry about getting your car wet.
★[Water-absorbent and quick-drying] This bathrobe has a good water absorption effect and quickly absorbs water from pets to prevent pets from getting sick.
★[Practical and convenient] The dog will be put on the shower after he has finished the shower. After a while, take it off and blow it up, or take him out to dry it. .
★[Adjustable at any time] There are magic buckles on the chest, and the buttons on the neck are adjusted tightly. They can adjust the size of the clothes at any time to make the pets more comfortable.


Dog Bathrobe