Fazeer Catnip Fish Toys Electric Wagging Moving Fish Toy For Cats,Indoor Realistic Plush Washable Dancing Fish Cat Toy,Perfect for Biting/Chewing/Kicking-Black

Only £6.69

Wagging & Realistic Looking:Moving fish toy for cats, is using 3d printing process, have clear and realistic fish shape design. Let it looks like real fish.
Catnip Fish Toys For Cats:Dancing fish cat toy, organically-grown catnip, can help calm cats and reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. Make your cat excited and relieve your cat’s mood and stress.
Enviroment Friendly, Usb Charging:Cat toys for indoor cats interactive, the battery inside can be charged via usb, is a enviroment friendly electric fish cat toy.
High Quality Washable: Interactive fish toy for cats, is high quality, can be washed. Made of pp cotton and short plush, the texture is soft and will not hurt the paw of the cat. Perfect for biting, chewing and kicking.
Touch Sensing Electric Fish Cat Toy: Built-in touching sensor, pat or touch the fish body, cat nipp fish toys will flop or wag automatically, easy to catch cat’s interests.


Electric Dancing Fish Cat Catnip Toy