Dog Bathrobe Pet Bath Towel Pajama Cat Towel Jacket Microfiber Adjustable Shoulder Strap Dry and Dry (XS, S, M, L, XL, Blue)

Only £33.17

★ Material: 359g microfiber, super absorbent, durable, chenille. Absorbs moisture and dirt like a sponge, quickly drying pets without the smell of “wet dogs”.
★ Unique design, the chest has a tight elastic buckle, the neck has an elastic buckle, the practical tail
★ Warm, light and durable: Suitable for beauty, travel, pet kennels or cages to keep your pet warm, comfortable and comfortable. Easy to store in your car. Provide comfort to your pet and protect your sofa, carpet,
Car, bed, floor or chair. A convenient handbag for the dry lower abdomen.
★The size of the door mat is 5 times more than the ordinary cotton door mat, and can withstand up to 7 times the weight of water! Ideal for use as a pet’s beauty/shower/bathtub/dry towel.


Dog Drying Coat Robe Towel