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Discover Dogs is set to return to the ExCeL London on November 20-21 next year to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The event, which was first held in 1996, didn’t take place this year due to covid-19, but it is hoped by the end of next year the event will be able to celebrate its silver anniversary in style.

Plans are still being worked on for how the event will look, but following the puppy boom that has taken place this year it is hoped the event will allow The Kennel Club to offer thousands of dog lovers the unique opportunity to meet and greet around 200 different pedigree breeds. It will also provide the opportunity to educate prospective dog owners on how to choose the right breed for them.  

It is anticipated that other old favourites will also return to the show including, as training displays, the Young Kennel Club ring and the many different canine competitions including the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Pre Beginner Stakes Southern semi-finals, and possibly the Junior Warrant semi-finals that usually take place at the event.


Discover Dogs provides something for everyone, from those involved within the canine world to those on their first step into the journey of owning a dog, and with trade stands selling anything and everything for dogs it provides the perfect place for some serious shopping!

Vanessa McAlpine, events executive at The Kennel Club, said: “Discover Dogs is a fun event for any dog lover, and celebrates our unique relationship with dogs in addition to educating people about the importance of choosing the right breed for their lifestyle and making sure they buy a puppy responsibly. The event provides the opportunities for prospective dog owners to meet breeders and to learn how to care, train and live with different breeds and help make responsible choices when buying a puppy or getting a dog.

“However, the show isn’t just for prospective dog owners – we welcome dog lovers of all ages to come along and find out about the work of The Kennel Club, such as The Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations who do fantastic work for dogs who aren’t as fortunate as others.”

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At Discover Dogs in London, a young friend makes acquaintance with an English Setter, one of the Kennel Club’s listed vulnerable British breeds. Photo credit: Adrienne Hammill / The Kennel Club


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