ChangDe All-steel-reinforced wheelchairs Soft seat belts Foldable wheelchairs Convenient household models

Only £755.36

The frame is made of high-strength welded steel pipe, and the travel is guaranteed; the X-shaped bracket for the body is stable, more stable and firmer; with the four-brake system, the humanized standing brake, with the nursing handbrake, has safer braking performance, parking more Stable; double-layer design of rear wheel, sturdy and non-deformable, longer lasting use.
The cushion backrest is made of high-quality brown leather and is lined with high-quality sponge. It is soft and comfortable. It is equipped with a rail-type toilet and a large space deep pull-out potty. It is more convenient to use; the detachable dining table is more time-saving and labor-saving;
The hand wheel adopts wavy design, conforms to the ergonomic engineering principle, the operation is not slippery, and the travel is safer; the 24in solid rear wheel avoids the trouble of the puncture leak, can adapt to a variety of road surfaces; the universal front wheel can turn 360 degrees, Flexible; the pedals can be adjusted to meet different height requirements.


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