Cat Toy Fish Kicker,Newest Cat Wagging Fish Realistic Plush,Catnip Fish Mint Plush Toy,Realistic Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy,Funny Cat Toy, Simulation Electric Doll Fish Shape Interactive Pets Pillow

Only £6.99

▼Take better care of pets: This lively fish toy will bring a lot of fun to your cat, and will make you not feel lonely when going out, relieve stress and reduce the desire to destroy furniture.
▼Cat toy electric fish: This simulated fish can vibrate on its own like a real fish, and the cat will be more fun when playing and can be easily charged. You do not have to replace the battery.
▼Realistic and interesting: The appearance of artificial fish uses 3D printing technology and looks very realistic. Fish cat toys will automatically flip or swing, and cats will be more interested in playing.
▼High-quality materials: Made of cotton and short plush, the texture is soft and will not hurt the paw of the cat. Great for biting, chewing and kicking, and sleeping.
▼Catnip toys: Filling catnip with fish toys can excite your cats and reduce their emotions and stress.


Simulation Plush Fish Shape Toy Doll