Afritz Pet bath towel quick-drying absorbent dog cat bath towel super soft nanofiber pet supplies, 140x70cm

Only £45.99

Size: Three sizes are available 40*60CM, 55*100CM, 70*140CM
Material: Pet dog and cat towels are made of high-quality super-absorbent fiber materials, which are super soft, absorbent and quick-drying.
Design: strong water absorption, good detergency and touch, soft and delicate texture, no scratches on the surface, no cotton wool and water marks after wiping.
Machine washable: Our pet towels are machine washable and dry, easy to clean, and can be used again in the front door, car or bathroom.
Multifunctional: The super-absorbent water of pet towel can be used for cats and dogs that have just taken a bath. Towels can quickly absorb moisture in your pet’s body; the soft and comfortable texture can be used as a pet blanket to make your pet feel comfortable. At the top, avoid colds.


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