BSGDASHJ Convenient, Original 2 Way Pet Door, Fast Installation, Easy Fitting, 2 Way Locking, Cat Flap For All Pets – Small – White

Only £21.89

ADAPTABLE LOCKING – The 2 way locking system of the Original 2 Way Pet Door provides owners control over their pet’s movements, ensuring safety and peace of mind
Easy installation – This pet flap is suitable for brick walls, wooden doors, PVC and metal doors and can be installed in doors and walls with a thickness of 2 – 5 cm. Includes detailed installation instructions and image descriptions. If you have any questions during installation, please contact us.
Quiet – this freewheel door is extremely quiet and offers optimal protection against draughts with a special seal and a magnetic closure. Brush strip eliminates noise when opening and closing the door. Suitable for most cats and small dogs (Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Pekinese, Dachshund, etc.).
With fly screen design – the clear flap is made of high-strength fibreglass that protects against UV protection, has good transparency, protects against pet gripping and bite, resistant to moisture and abrasion.
FREEDOM – the ultimate convenience for owners, the Original Pet Door offers your Pets the freedom and independence to come and go as they please


Original 2 Way Pet Door