BRAVICH Kids Nursery Rug Large Pink/Grey Love Heart Design Pastel Colours Super Soft Thick Anti-Allergic Children’s Bedroom Nursery Area Rug 120×170 cm (4ft x 5ft6)

Only £34.95

Design : Love Heart | Colour : Pink / Grey | Size : 120×170 cm (4ft x 5ft6″)
The cheerful colour-way and design make this rug perfect for a children’s bedroom or play area, feeding their natural curiosity. It has been both hand and machine crafted, from 100% Polypropylene, boasting both a super-soft touch and long-lasting durability.
Completely non-shedding, easy wipe clean | OKO TEX 100 Tested Anti-Allergic Synthetic Materials
Cleaning Instructions: We recommend spot cleaning with resolve, and regular vacuuming is good, but you can’t use the beater bar (spinning brush) on the vacuum. It needs to be suction-only or take it outside and shake it out. You can use a carpet cleaner (shampooer) but it should be dried immediately and evenly.
NOTE: Hoover/Vacuum the rug upon delivery – due to the rug being made in a foreign country, some dust particles may have been attracted to the rug