Allergy Reliever Allergic Anti-Allergy Anti-Snore Therapy Device, Upgrade Rhinitis Laser Treatment Machine for Snore Stuffy Nose Nasal Itching Sneezing Sinusitis Cold Cure

Only £25.99

2 IN 1 DEVICE: (1) Laser treatment – use red light therapy for relief of rhinitis and allergic symptoms (2) Pulse treatment – use pulse massage to stimulate the nose, ease snore.
HEALTH & EFFICIENT: non-drug therapy, no pain, non-invasive, no side effects, adopts low-level laser irradiation and pulse massage which can get good & quick effects.
INTELLIGENT CONTROL: 3 setting time and 3 intensities level can be adjusted, choosing appropriate therapy time and intensity according to the condition of your body.
APPLICATION RANGE: rhinitis, allergy symptoms, snore, nasal congestion, nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, nasal polyps and other nasal issues. can speed up and improve the nasal mucosa cilia normal swing detoxification function, enhance power, strengthen the nasal tissue detoxification ability.
PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: With stylish and compact design, it can be carried for daily use – ready for allergies and other emergencies at any time! 1-3 treatments every day, and keep 4 minutes every time.