ZTMN Pet Supplies Cat Bowl Toilet Plastic Cat Toilet, Waterproof and Abrasionproof Pet Box, Half Closed, Easy to Clean Pet Supplies (Size: 15 L)

Only £107.99

This pet toilet has a floor that can be easily cleaned. The mesh is fine and even, making it easy to drain liquid into a durable collection tray. It keeps your pet’s feet dry and clean.
Food Grade Material: Resin PP; Simple internal structure design of cat litter box is for your easy cleaning and simple scooping
KEEP IT CLEANFilter the cat litter grid pedal to prevent cat litter from coming out
No Fear in New Environment:Transparent Cover Design of cat litter tray takes away the fear of your cats in a completely new hooded space
Anti-Scratch:Protective door edge design of our extral large litter box offer your cats an comfortable and easy in and out


15 L