WLJHGJ Food Dehydrator, Adjustable Temperature 38 To 78 °C Dryer for Fresh and Dehydrated Fruits Vegetables 5 Trays Adjustable 12 Hours Timing Energy Saving Green Small Home 10L Food Dryer

Only £94.99

Fruit dehydrator with constant temperature adjustment and timing function, adjustable temperature: 38-78 ° C, 0 to 12 hours of timed dehydration, energy saving
Electric fruit dehydration drying machine, multi-functional dehydration, can be used to dehydrate fruit, effectively improve the shelf life,
The food dehydrator adopts a 5-layer pallet design, which has strong bearing capacity, no deformation and rapid dehydration.
Product capacity: 10L, fruit dryer is made of high quality material, dehydrator is anti-corrosion, easy to clean
Dehydrated food can be used for camping, travel, family gatherings, fruit dehydrators can also make snacks for pets


10 Litre