NPET Automatic External Intelligent Infrared Sensor Compatible with WF010 WF030 Cats Water Fountain – White

Only £15.99

【Sensor】 NPET External Sensor for Water Fountain for Cat and Dog. Range of detection: approximately 1.5 m. Induction angle: cone angle of 180°.
【Optional Function】 Combined with the infrared sensor module, it detects that an object is approaching or moving, and the water dispenser will operate automatically. Energy saving.
【Small size and easy to install】 Accessories include screws and a sticker. You can choose the appropriate installation method according to your needs.
【High stability】About 1.5m detection distance. Extended time range: 15s-5min, adjustable stop time. The default setting is to stop working after the animal has left the detection range for 15 seconds.
【USB socket】 USB jack wiring method for easy connection. 1.2m input cable, and 0.3m output cable.The total cable length is 1.5m.


Dispenser Compatible