GardenersDream Fluorescent Aquatic Gravel – Premium Aquarium Fish Tank Stones (10L, Blue)

Only £29.99

PREMIUM QUALITY AQUATIC GRAVEL – GardenersDream Fluorescent Fish Gravel is a non-toxic substrate that provides a bright and decorative look to liven up your fish tanks and aquariums. Use adequate lighting to promote the best effects.
DUST FREE, SAFE TO USE IN ALL AQUARIUMS – Suitable for all freshwater aquariums, the grains are supplied at a mixed size of between 3mm – 8mm and are dust free. The gravel is perfect for both Cold Water or Tropical fish and will not affect the water parameters.
MULTI USE, PERFECT CRAFT MATERIAL – Fluorescent Gravel is not just for aquatic use. This product is a robust craft material that can be used for general gardening purposes. It can help introduce eye-catching colours to plant pots, planters and outdoor displays.
A CHOICE OF VIBRANT, NEON COLOURS – Choose from various naturally rinsed, neon coloured gravel to match your themed aquarium or pond. Display exotic colours like Magenta, Violet, Fluoro Mix, Red, Blue & many more!


10 Litre