AQUARIAN Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Tank Water Conditioners Bundle: Includes (1) AQUARIAN WEEKLY WATER CLEANER 118 ml and (1) AQUARIAN TAP WATER SAFE 118 ml

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Contains one (1) AQUARIAN WEEKLY WATER CLEANER Aquarium Water Cleaner 118ml Bottle and one (1) AQUARIAN Tap Water Safe, Aquarium Water Conditioner, 118 ml Bottle
AQUARIAN WEEKLY WATER CLEANER helps keep aquariums clean & healthy and reduce maintenance, contains live bacteria to destroy sludge in the gravel bed and helps to keep plants and glass clean
AQUARIAN TAP WATER SAFE instantly makes tap water safe for fish neutralizing chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals and preventing them from causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and fish death
Use AQUARIAN WEEKLY WATER CLEANER weekly to maintain a clean, healthy aquarium, use AQUARIAN TAP WATER SAFE when adding or changing water and when adding new fish to tanks


118 ml Bottle