Welhome Cat Litter Box Jumbo, Portable Petlife Cat Toilet, Hooded Cat nest, PP Resin Litter Tray, Deodorant Fully Enclosed Cat Box, For Cat or Dog Use Pots,White,15L

Only £108.93

CLEANING – Easy to disassemble, easy to remove and wash, double-layer separation design, easy to remove and clean.
DURABLE- PP resin material, the overall is very smooth, will not stick to the cat litter, very clean, with strong corrosion resistance.
Closed design: fully enclosed design, effectively preventing cat litter splash and reducing the spread of excrement odor.
SIZE – (length * width * height) 8L: 64*47*49cm,15L: 51*38*42cm
TRAY- The tray’s crystals absorb waste and all foul smells, meaning litter can be used for weeks; up to 10 times less litter is used than traditional boxes


15 L