VYAIR Indion Mixed Bed MB-115 Reverse Osmosis Ion Exchange Virgin DI Resin for Aquatics/Window Cleaning/RO Units (10 Litre)

Only £44.99

🔹 Premium Quality – 100% Guaranteed virgin (non regenerated) mixed bed DI resin.
🔹 Specially Designed – Our Premium MB-115 Resin has been produced specifically for uses of soft water.
🔹 10 Litre Bag – Smaller amounts have been split from a larger 25 Litre Bag.
🔹 Multiple Applications – Our resin is used in the last stage of reverse osmosis filtration for a variety of purposes, Including: Total de-ionisation of water. Suitable for marine aquariums, window and car cleaning, mixing printer inks and certain printing applications.
🔹 Caution! – This water softener resin is a strongly acidic Cat-Ion exchange resin containing sulphonic acid groups.


10 Litre