Shelves Dog Wheelchair 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs) – 20 Kg (44 Lbs) Suitable For Thigh Puppies With Hind Legs Disabled Pets Assisted Walking A Variety Pet wheelchair (Size : XXS),Size:X-Small Flower Pot Rack

Only £213.76

This dog wheelchair is easy to install, height, length and width are fully adjustable, and due to its light weight, high quality and high quality frame, it provides the maximum and best comfort for pets and mobility. Pets like to walk and run.
Pets wheelchair with padded shoulder support, all-terrain pneumatic wheels and built-in adjustable double rear padded strap for the best comfort and mobility for your pet, this pet wheelchair will be the best gift for your pet .
★The overall frame of the dog wheelchair is made of aluminum alloy. It is light and durable. It is now available for purchase.
★ When determining the purchase size, the pet should be lifted to simulate the standing position measurement, because the length, width and height of the wheelchair can be adjusted, so small errors do not affect the use.
★ A variety of sizes are available. 1kg (2.2lbs) -20kg (44lbs) pets are suitable, so small pets such as rabbits, cats, pigs and large dogs can be used.


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