Qazxsw Cat Hooded Litter Tray Kitten Toilet Filter Carry Handle Flap Door 2 Size,8L

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★INTERIOR STYLE MIX: We respect pets, and respect the home space and living attitude of every pet owner. No matter what decoration style the home has, whether it is near the wall, corner or bathroom, the design is integrated with the home environment. Cats The sand basin should be like this
★LARGER CAPACITY: The shape of a cat’s ear litter box is close to a rectangle. In the same space, the volume of the rectangle is at least 30% larger than the oval. This means that the litter box can be placed 30% more without occupying more space. Cat litter
★STEP SCREEN TRAPS LITTER FORM CAT PAWS: Everyone familiar with cats knows that when cats step on uneven ground, the toes will instinctively separate slightly. We have added protrusions on the pedal to stimulate the cat’s toes to separate, and the sand between the toes will Dropped in a cat litter box
★EASY TO SCOOP: Each design of Mao Leshi is simple but not simple. It contains ergonomic pragmatic aesthetics and provides pet owners with an easy and pleasant pet raising experience.
★BIG MOUTH CAT LITTER SCOOP: The huge opening design can clean up the cat litter in three or five strokes, greatly reducing the fatigue of the shoveling officials.For more styles, please go to “CSDY” to learn more. Some products have big discounts in the store. In a certain time, choose your own gifts and look forward to your cooperation


15 L