Premium Blue Pet Carrier Kitten Cat Dog Animal Transport Travel Box Cage

Only £14.90

Premium pet carrier, suitable for cats, kittens & small dogs. Excellent for trips to the vets or as a holding area for pets while travelling. The Rhino + Panzer are made of sturdy plastic keeping your pets safe from unexpected falling items.
Safely transport your pet around using the handy carry handle, allowing complete separation from the animal inside to stop any nibbling of the fingers.
Each transportation box comes fully assembled, with air vents & a clip lock door system to allow safe entry/exit for your pet. Both carriers can be disassembled to a flat pack, for easy cleaning + space saving while not in use.
Both carriers are a fantastic way to keep your pet safe whilst travelling, available in 4 different colours + 2 designs
Dimensions, Rhino: 51X34X33cm Panzer: 50X33X31cm