PJDDP Automatic Fish Feeder Pond Outdoor 10 L Large Capacity Digital Electric Aquarium Tank Programmable Food Feeding Dispenser Timer Station,Intelligently Fish Feeding (Without Battery)

Only £112.99

[Super Large Capacity]- 10 litre large capacity of the digital fish feeder is suitable for different pet such as fish, turtle, newt etc. Sustainable feeding for up to one month. You can go to travel no longer need to worry about your pet with this large capacity smart fish feeder. Notice: this auto fish feeder suitable for fish foods such as pellets, powders, not suitable for flakes or strips fish food.
[4 Feeding Times]- Up to 4 feeding times per day. Easy setup just follow our manual and you will find it easy to set 4 feeding times on the machine. Choose the feeding times by yourself. Professional breeders are feeding their fish small quantities several times per day,this improves health,colour and growth.With this Pond Feeder you can automatically feed your fish.
[Low Consumption]- Powered by 4 C batteries(Not included batteries). Lasts about 3 months on 1 set of batteries.Compares to a traditional plug-in option, battery-operated is safer for your house when you are out.
[Intelligent Feeding]- Automatic feeder with unique brush dispenser. Thow the range of 120°,oblique movement evenly spread to every corner of the fish pond and won’t hurt the fish.
[Moisture and rodent prevention]- Moisture-resistant hopper keeps fish food dry, won’t get wet or jammed. Place the feeding port above the water surface to reduce the risk of rodents eating fish food.


10 Litre