NYKK Pet Washroom Closed Cat Litter Basin Large Space Cat Toilet Cat Litter Pot Pet Supplies 8L/15L Cat Litter Tray Toilet Box (Size : S)

Only £117.69

Keeping the floor clean, so that our pets have a better living environment, is an ideal choice for pet lovers!
Product size: Small size: 51cm * 38cm*42cm, large size: 64cm * 49cm*47cm
Translucent ABS engineering resin curtain to prevent odor leakage, protect the privacy of the main child, and facilitate the cat to enter and exit.
Active sand balls and pedals, the sand between the toes will fall into the litter box.
The closed litter box itself can very well isolate the odor. We also designed a pull-type odorant box at the back of the top cover.


15 L