KAISIMYS Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs Pet Wheelchair,Hind Legs,Length,Width and Height can be Adjusted for Rehabilitation Training Dog Special Auxiliary Scooter,Weight 1-50KG

Only £213.99

The wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind legs,so that they can walk and run even as normal young fellows do.The use of user-friendly design,as far as possible in detail to avoid friction with pets,causing two injuries,and the length and height are adjustable range,it is recommended to choose according to the specific size.
?This product is suitable for all kinds of dogs,cats,pets,hind legs with limited or no activity,and hopes to walk and run normally and easily,again with confidence and independence.
? Our wheelchairs are made of high quality aircraft aluminum,durable,lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable seat belts,light weight,strong corrosion resistance,adjustable size,no impact on pets,excretion,and provide the best Comfort and .
? Wheelchairs are easy to install,with adjustable height,length and width. Loosen the screws to adjust the position to the front and rear and adjust the rear screws.
?Please select the appropriate size wheelchair for your pet according to the measurement chart in the picture. The extra wide seat back,the dog wears and walks safer,does not affect the pet’s urine and urine,and has a large load-bearing capacity.


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