ConcreteLab&Co Terrarium DIY Kit for Succulents and Cacti Plants with Step by Step Guide Includes Soil Charcoal Pebbles Sphagnum Moss Sand Driftwood & Brush (Small)

Only £14.90

Create a lush eco indoor mini garden with our easy to assemble terrarium kit with the STEP BY STEP GUIDE provided. Fantastic gift for a creative green fingered friend, and/or family who loves a bit of enjoyable indoor DIY planting. Choose the size of terrarium kit you require in the menu and we shall get it to you in no time. To finish off, all you need is a vessel of your choice and a creative mind.
CONTENTS OF KIT: Succulent/Cacti Compost Activated Charcoal Sphagnum Moss Drainage Stones Decorative pebbles Decorative white stones Kiln dried sand Driftwood Brush x1 Wooden Skewer with cork Optional x 3 Succulents, Cacti, Tools and black gift box in the drop-down menu.
CONTENT MEASUREMENTS: Soil: 300g(S), 450g(M), 600g(L) Drainage Clay Pebbles: 100g(S), 200g(M), 300g(L) Sphagnum moss: 6g(S), 12g(M), 24g(L) Charcoal: 14g(S), 19g(M), 24g(L) Sand: A bag (6x8cm) White stones: x2 pebbles. Driftwood: X1 piece. Please note that the sizes and colours of decorative items (pebbles, driftwood) may vary.
Glass vessel in the images is NOT INCLUDED.


6 g