Bob & Lush Slow-Cooked Salmon for Weight Management, Light & Tasty Wet Dog Food w/Olive Oil (Slow Cooked Salmon without Gravy, 20 x 100g pouches)

Only £25.99

TASTY GRAVY TOPPING: You can choose to add flavour-boosting gravy to our delicious dog foods. Our gravy is a healthy flavour-enhancer sauce for dogs that comes in portion-sized pouches (15 calories) that you can pour over each meal. This gourmet sauce was developed by a saucier chef for your pet. Choose between 7, 14, or 28 pouches of gravy. This gourmet gravy is 100% successful in taste tests.
HEALTHY DOG FOOD: This kibble contains salmon as the sole source of protein, providing your dog with the complete and balanced nutrition they need. The ingredients we included are Fresh Salmon (35%), Broth (33%), Sweet Potato (15%), Swede (10%) Lentils (5%), Thickener (1%), Minerals (1%).
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: If your dog struggles to keep their weight under control, this may be a perfect choice. Salmon is a lean protein that also has vital nutrients that will help your dog feel full without packing on the pounds. This low-fat food is great for large breeds and other dogs because it has 50% less fat and 30% less calories than other dog food.
PAIR WITH KIBBLE: Made to mix with dry food. This wet food has been crafted to go perfectly with Bob & Lush’s Light & Tasty Salmon in Olive Oil. By mixing the two together your dog will enjoy the best of both worlds. Our dry kibble is good for dental health and is a complete food with everything your dog needs. Our wet food is a tasty complete food that will make a meal worth tail-wagging about.
ABOUT BOB & LUSH: At Bob & Lush, we make delicious food for dogs, from 100% freshly prepared meat. All our food comes with the option to add our outrageously tasty Bob & Lush Gravy because a splash of gravy makes every day special. Our mission is to provide everything your doggy needs in a nutrient-rich kibble or mouthwatering wet dog food blend.


20% Potato