50 PCS (25 Pairs) SMALL SIZE UK TRUSTED SELLER Powder Free BLUE Nitrile Disposable Gloves Non Latex Rubber Glove Cleaning Safe Loose Pack (50 pcs) – S Size BLUE 50 PIECES

Only £10.99

Finest quality, close fitting gloves are ideal for tasks of a precise nature
Gloves come with Loose Pack of 50 pcs (S-Size)-(25 Pairs)
These high-quality disposable gloves offer strength, durability and barrier protection that prevents skin contact to ensure contamination does not occur.
They have been designed for maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort, and offer increased elasticity and flexibility to reduce the risk of fatigue when in use for extended periods of time.
100% latex free and powder free, a great alternative for those sensitive to latex proteins.


Latex Free