Feliway Optimum – New Generation of Pheromones – Solves All Signs of Cat Stress – Scratches, Fears, Changes, Urine Marking, Tensions and Conflicts between Cats – Refill 47 ml

Only £32.21

Helps solve all frequent signs of stress to achieve the best peace of mind: scratches, changes, fears, urine marking, tensions and conflicts between cats
Helps cats in more situations, visibly reduces more signs of stress and calms cats better than ever.
This new discovery conveys messages of tranquility that help cats feel comfortable and safe at home, provide serenity and promote harmony between cats.
FELIWAY Optimum contains the best of feline pheromones for improved efficiency. 93% of cat lovers have observed greater calm and serenity.
Electric diffuser with spare part included. Plug into your cat’s favorite room. For best results, keep the diffuser connected day and night. Renew the replacement every 30 days approximately. We recommend renewing the diffuser every 6 months of continuous use or every 6 refills.


FELIWAY Friends 30 Day Refill