Durex Latex Free Condoms, Pack of 12 (Packaging May Vary)

Only £10.49

YOUR FAVORITE CONDOMS IN UPDATED PACKAGING: Redesigned, fresh new packaging, however, don’t worry, your favourite condoms inside the box are still exactly the same
DUREX LATEX-FREE CONDOMS FOR PEACE OF MIND AND PLEASURE – Condoms made from synthetic polyisoprene, a latex-free alternative for a smooth sensual experience
FOR THE LATEX SENSITIVE – Condoms created for all to help enjoy safer sex, even those with rubber and latex allergies and/or sensitivities
EASY-ON – 56 mm nominal width latex-free condom designed with an easy-on teat ended, smooth shape. For ease of use, and uninterrupted fun during your sexual experience
SILICONE LUBE FOR A SMOOTH SEXUAL EXPERIENCE – the silicone lube in the Durex Latex Free condom ensures easy fit and fun, without forfeit to safety
DISCREET PACKAGING – Nobody need know about your Durex condom delivery, but you. Packaging may vary


Latex Free