Bags on Board Hand Armour Extra Thick Dog Poop Pick-Up Bags with Leak Proof Protection, 100 Bags

Only £9.99

2X THICKER THAND STANDARD BAGS: Hand Armor extra thick bags are built to reduce the unpleasant sensation of picking up dog poop.
STRONG AND LEAKPROOF- Bags are made with durable material to hold any mess and 100% leak-proof.
LARGE CAPACITY- 7 x 15 inches of space hold all the stinky Fido can muster, with handle ties for quick and easy tying
ANTI-YUCK PROTECTION – These extra thick dog poop bags with Anti-Yuck Protection also traps in more odour.
EASY PULL & GO DISPENSING- Arm yourself with 100 extra thick poop bags that open easily with one hand and come in an easy pull and go dispensing box.


Extra Thick Strong 100% Leak Proof Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags