ZHUAN clear Partition Sneeze Guard for Counter or Table189X65X41Cm (10 Pieces 6 Seats),Freestanding Plexiglass Shield Table Divider,Acrylic Plastic Barrier

Only £76.99

⊙Easy Installation, Installation Takes Less Than a Minute with No Tools Needed. Simply Insert the Shield to the Slit of the Stands on Both Sides and Done
⊙Protective Sneeze Screen, Sneeze Guards Are Acrylic Protectors for Safe Interactions between Students, Customers, and Employees, These Are Built Out of clear Protective Acrylic Shields Designed As a Protective Barrier Against Sneezing, Coughing. Get Geared up to Go Back to Work Safely with Sneeze Screens
⊙Sneeze Guards is Made of Polycarbonate (Pc) Material, This Shield is Highly Impact and Shatter Resistant
⊙Reduce People’s Coughing, Sneezing, and Spray Contact from the Nose or Mouth Use Multiple Drawings Side by Side to Form a Barrier of the Required Length
⊙Protect Students, Workers, or Customers with Our Table Top Dividers. This Sneeze Guard is Perfect to Provide a Barrier for Anyone in a Close Setting


10 PCS Mouth Shield