Tropical Fish Food Flakes PLUS ADDED Freeze Dried Bloodworm Premium Floating Flake Feed Mix for All Auarium Fish Cichlid Pleco Discus Tetra Aquarium Feed 50, 100, 200 Gram Packs (100 Gram Pack)

Only £6.25

PRE- MIXED TROPICAL FLAKES WITH ADDED FREEZE DRIED BLOODWORM. 50g,100g or 200g PACKS. An irresistible blend of pre-mixed feed ideal for the community fish tank.
TROPICAL FLAKE. Premium high protein flake food, high in protein (49%) suitable for all aquarium fish.
FREEZE DRIED BLOODWORM. 100% delicacy food treat, freeze dried, eliminating the risk of introducing diseases. High protein level of 58%. As well as most aquarium fish, bloodworm is eagerly taken by turtles and terrapins. No added colourings or dyes.
TWO GREAT FEEDS IN ONE PACK. Packed with vital ingredients ensuring maximum health, vitality, energy and colour enhancement.
GUARANTEED FRESH. Supplied in resealable grip seal packaging the food can be used over and over again or placed into a tub. Can be fed daily, just enough that can be consumed in a few minutes. Remove any uneaten food.