SADGD Clear Partition Sneeze Guard for Counter or Table189X65X41Cm (10 Pieces 6 Seats),Freestanding Plexiglass Shield Table Divider,Acrylic Plastic Barrier

Only £66.58

Easy Installation, Installation Takes Less Than a Minute with No Tools Needed. Simply Insert the Shield to the Slit of the Stands on Both Sides and Done
Protective Sneeze Screen, Sneeze Guards Are Acrylic Protectors for Safe Interactions between Students, Customers, and Employees, These Are Built Out of Clear Protective Acrylic Shields Designed As a Protective Barrier Against Sneezing, Coughing. Get Geared up to Go Back to Work Safely with Sneeze Screens
Sneeze Guards is Made of Polycarbonate (Pc) Material, This Shield is Highly Impact and Shatter Resistant
Reduce People’s Coughing, Sneezing, and Spray Contact from the Nose or Mouth Use Multiple Drawings Side by Side to Form a Barrier of the Required Length
Protect Students, Workers, or Customers with Our Table Top Dividers. This Sneeze Guard is Perfect to Provide a Barrier for Anyone in a Close Setting


10 PCS Mouth Shield