Home Dcor Light Full-length Mirror, Oval Wall-mounted Decorative Mirror, Floor-standing Three-dimensional Dressing Mirror, Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Aluminum Alloy Frame Explosion-proof Mirror, Gold

Only £612.99

★ Aluminum alloy frame, gold and black, choose one, you can choose the frame color according to your own decoration style.
★ The mirror is made of high-quality floating crystal glass, which can provide ultra-high-definition imaging, beautiful, natural and not deformed.
★ 5mm Taiwan glass high-definition copper-free environmentally friendly silver mirror, anti-oxidation, no black edges, and high transparency of silver ion plating.
★ Broken glass will not overflow due to the splash-proof film, even if the mirror is hit by an external force, it can prevent the glass from falling.
★ The full-length mirror can be tilted to the wall or stand anywhere, or you can hang it on the wall to save space.


Anti-Fog and Anti Splash