DINGO GEAR Universal Bite Pad for Dog Training Mini Sleeve Soft 1 Handle 1 Holder in Tube Nylcot, Red S00707

Only £23.50

Red nylcot bite pad has a medium wide, soft bite wedge and the holder inside the tube. 1 amortized handle is sewn strongly into material, providing great stability during the dog training
Usage: bite training, decoy training, dog training, tug of war, IGP, K9, firm grip, obedience training, army/special forces dogs training, dog sports, play with a dog, at your discretion
Mini bite sleeve allows the dog to improve bite skills. Do not allow the dog to bite the handles. Always supervise during the training
Bite pad can be used as a mini bite sleeve. You can wear it both on left and right hand. Padding allows you to quickly take off the mini sleeve anytime
Dog bite pad for the mighty bite training experiences! Dingo Gear equipment was tested and approved by professional K9 trainers


1 Tube